Who I Am

Born and raised in Fresno, CA, I find myself accustom to the occasional smell of cattle and temperatures high enough to fry an egg. I’ve always been an adventurer at heart, constantly pushing myself to learn something new. As a child, I taught myself how to ride a bike and rollerblade. My favorite books included encyclopedias and books about the way machines work. Mother frequently found me exploding things in the backyard with baking soda and vinegar or building my own motorized boats out of Lego’s. But despite my love for science and technology, there has always been a deep appreciation for the things that are beautiful.

My photography career began with three rolls of film and my parents’ old Canon film camera I found in the closet. Without any knowledge of cameras, I set out on a quest to discover whether or not this photo thing would be of any enjoyment to me. Long story short, photography quickly became my passion.

Why Photography?

I love life. But that love for life goes beyond just me. I love seeing other people enjoying life. One of the best ways of capturing those memorable moments in life is through my photography. There’s something magical about how a two-dimensional image can arouse multiple dimensions of emotions and thoughts. As a photographer, I strive to awaken those dimensions in anyone who looks at my photographs. Photography is an art, but for me, it goes beyond colors, sharpness, and composition; it goes to the heart.

God created everything in this world, and He created it all beautiful. Some people have a hard time believing that. After living in San Luis Obispo, CA for a few years, I grew to appreciate the gorgeous green hills and sunsets at the beach. But what brings me the most joy is seeing people realize how beautiful God made them to be and helping them remember those precious moments in life.

Professional Photographer Member of the DWF

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